Derek Ortiz vs. Asa Cruz

Total Running Time: 27:09
File Size: 1.11GB

Derek Ortiz 5’8” 132lbs. 21yo
Asa Cruz 5’7” 121lbs. 21yo

Derek (green speedos) came to the Movimus studio one week before this match to meet Asa(orange speedos) who was practicing some moves and holds with some bigger guys. Derek immediately wanted a match against Asa. Asa is well defined and strong. He works out regularly and has great stamina. He’s working on his skill and control. Derek is a real brawler and knows how to make an opponent submit. This was a great set-up in the making.

Derek starts out aggressive and tough. He quickly takes Asa to the mat and uses his awesome legs to wrap Asa in a body scissors. It’s doesn’t take Asa long to tap out. “He’s not going to get me with his legs again” Asa told us before the start the second fall. Asa turned up the speed and pressure. He takes Derek down quickly, gets control and keeps it. Once Asa gets his thin but powerful legs around you – it hurts – and that is exactly what he does to Derek. The match is even.

Now it is a real brawl. Both wrestlers know that each has the skill and power to beat the other. It’s a matter of who is going to get the best hold – tight enough to earn the submission. The third fall is much longer, more intense, rough and all out. Both wrestlers want to win and will not let the other guy get a finishing hold. These lighter wrestlers are really great to watch as they work each other over, using all kinds of moves and holds, body locks and clamps.

Each guy is strong enough to escape the other and each wrestler works hard to get his opponent to tap out. This is some really great submission wrestling. Both guys are asking for a rematch. IT’s going to happen. Maybe ever get a handicap match – like Derek and Asa taking on the likes of Max Anderson or Mikey Hanlon in a handicap match – 2-on-1 !


Wrestlers: Asa Cruz, Derek Ortiz

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