Richie Towler vs. Jolt Jenkins

Total Running Time: 33:45
File Size: 1.22GB

Jolt Jenkins                   5’11”             180 lbs        30yo
Richie Towler                5’4”               135 lbs.       21yo

Jolt (pink speedos) was more than ready to wrestle Richie (green speedos). He watched Richie wrestle Jeff Jordan and Travis Carter and he immediately asked for a match. Rich was a bit intimidated by the powerful personal trained and trained hard for this match. Richie is one powerful boy and he was ready to use his speed and power to bring down Jolt. Richie starts with a headlock and has to jump in the air, using all his weight to bring Jolt to the mat. Once on the mat, Richie keeps the powerful headlock on Jolt and has Jolt using all his power and weight to escape the powerful hold. Richie used his speed to maintain control and keeps working the headlock and an arm bar. Jolt struggles and keeps Richie working hard for the submission.

Each time Jolt tries to get control, Richie shows how really strong he is and reverses Jolt. Richie tries everything he knows, and, although he keeps Jolt on the mat, Jolt manages to escape every move and hold Richie uses. They get heel and ankle locks on each other, both squirming and hollering as the pressure is put on, but again, they both escape. Lots of head and body scissors and tight, muscle moves used by both wrestlers. They wrestle for 30 minutes and there is a definite winner. With a lot of respect for each other they both agree to a rematch – soon.

This is the kind of match that we love at Movimus – two muscular wrestlers not holding back at all, doing everything possible to win the match. Loads of great moves and holds, great mat action, and a definite winner. What more can you want in a submission wrestling match?


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