Gary Wayne vs. Mikey Hanlon

Total Running Time: 36:52
File Size: SD 445.6MB/ HD 2.12GB

Gary Wayne                   5’10”            178 lbs              23yo
Mikey Hanlon                 5’9”              171 lbs              21yo

Movimus welcomes back Gary Wayne (blue speedos). Gary is about 10 pounds heavier than the last time he wrestled for us and it’s all muscle. He works out real hard and is still playing college football. As soon as he saw Mikey (green speedos) against Brock Hammer he “wanted” Mikey. “I’m gonna beat this kid” he told us when he was asking for the match. We told Gary what a great wrestler Mikey is and how strong he is , but Gary was convinced he could beat the tough guy.

They met just before the match and Gary was ready to wrestle and win. They face off and Mikey gets the first take down – and keeps Gary on his back for a long time. Gary is really strong and manages to escape all Mikey’s holds and tries really hard for a quick reversal, but Mikey is just too strong and too good a wrestler. The first match is 13 minutes of Gary escaping everything that Mikey throws at him.

The second and third match shows Gary taking control and giving Mikey a lot of punishment. They clamp each other in head scissors (together) twice and both hold the scissors tight and hard for a long time. Gary puts another head scissors on Mikey and we thought it was all over for Mikey. But Mikey escaped and put a vicious head scissors on Gary. Both have huge guns and both use wicked headlocks. Gary’s reverse head lock and body scissors is near to impossible to escape from.

This is a great match – two evenly matched young guys, both with ambition and both out to win – the best combination. You’ll watch this match over and over again.

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