Connor Flynn vs. Chuck Rowen

Total Running Time: 26:09
File Size:  HD 1.5GB/ 4K 5.81GB

Connor Flynn 6’1” 169 22yo
Chuck Rowen 5’7” 147 23yo

Chuck (blue speedos) challenged Connor (dark red speedos). Connor considers himself a tough guy, and a good wrestler. He’s a really great athlete and been practicing ju-jitsu. Chuck is one really strong, trained wrestler. We figured that this would be an awesome match-up , and we were right.

Both wrestlers are strong enough to toss each other around –and they did. Many, many reversals and it became obvious early on in the match that whoever lasted longer would come out on top. Chuck loves to wrestle from the guard position, on his back. That’s where he is the most dangerous. Connor likes being on top and staying there. Connor relies on his really strong legs and knows when he gets a tight head or body scissors, it’s all over for his opponent. Chuck is not about to let that happen.

These guys are as evenly matched as you can get, but there is a definite winner. Both has the ability to beat the other and they both know that. Lots of great holds and reversals. Lots of leg locks and tests of power. Connor gets a nasty full nelson and body scissors that has Chuck squirming to escape – he does. Chuck gets a wicked head scissors and we thought it was all over for Connor – we were wrong.

Two submissions, both by the same wrestler. One really upset loser that is demanding a rematch. These guys are great to watch on the mat.

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