Mikey Hanlon vs. Brock Hammer

Total Running Time: 22:37
File Size: SD 274MB/ HD 1.3GB 

Brock Hammer 6’2” 211 20yo
Michael Hanlon 5’9” 173 21yo

Mikey (red speedos) just keeps asking to wrestle the big guys. So we put him against Brock (black speedos). Brock at 211 pounds, 6’2” and loads of wrestling experience, we knew Mikey would love this match. And he did – he was totally ready – and he wanted to win. Brock is just awesome, not only is he big and a great wrestler, but he has a mean streak that shows itself whenever he starts to lose.

The first 10 minutes is just power and strength. Brock tried to get a tap in the first minute, but Mikey withstood the onslaught and turned the tables on Brock. Brock reversed, got behind and threw in a full body scissors. Mikey immediately got an ankle lock with his legs (Max Anderson’s favorite hold). Brock was screaming in pain but wouldn’t tap. He escaped just to be caught in the same hold in less than a minute. Mikey had him good and Brock was again screaming. Again Brock got out, and choked out Mikey. (Mikey told us later that he let go cause he was afraid he was going to hurt Brock - - too bad! )

The second match is very even but Mikey keeps the upper hand. Great moves, serious wrestling and a stunning finish. This is great. You don’t want to miss this great match.

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