Marco Talus vs. Mikey Hanlon

Total Running Time: 26:20
File Size: SD 317.2MB/ HD 1.54GB

Marco Talus                 6’1”          191 lbs                 24yo
Mikey Hanlon              5’9”           171 lbs                 21yo

Mikey (orange speedos) comes to Movimus with many years of wrestling experience. He wrestled in middle and high school and continues his wrestling career even now. He is pound for pound one of the strongest guys that has ever come to Movimus. So we thought Marco (green speedos) would be a good first match for him. Marco is without a doubt the strongest guy we have at Movimus (he’d definitely be an awesome match for Brian Hollister) -- but Marco has very little wrestling experience.

Marco gets the first take down and just uses his power to keep Mikey on the mat. Once Mikey is able to reverse it becomes skill against power. Marco is undefeated at Movimus and plans on keeping it that way. Mikey is out to make a great first impression. This is a real brawl – all the stops are pulled out. At one point, Mikey gets a wicked arm bar on Marco and really cranks it hard. Marco struggles incredibly and manages to escape. We were amazed.

For almost 25 minutes these guys exchange moves and holds, get take downs and reversals, and both keep working for the submission – it doesn’t happen. This match ends in a draw with both wrestlers ready to keep going. Both agreed that the rematch will be a sixty minute marathon and a definite winner. I can’t wait!

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