Billy Watts vs. Adam Reis

Total Running Time: 23:43
File Size: SD 289.1MB/ HD 2.07GB

Billy Watts 5’5” 145 21yo
Adam Reis 5’9” 153 22yo

Billy (green speedos) watched Adam (lavender speedos) wrestle Brax and wanted this match. Both ranked HS wrestlers, both in great shape – this promised to be a real tough match. Billy said he was going to beat Adam in a head lock and man, did he try – three times. Nasty lock, wicked flexed muscle, but Adam would not tap out – three times. Adam reversed with a head scissors. Billy squired and fought, tried to break free – and did. Billy goes for a tight chin lock and head scissors. Adam effectively defends, but not without draining his strength and muscles. Billy flips Adam over and over, but Adam counters and reverses.

Twenty minutes of give and take – give and take. One winner, just one submission, almost 25 minutes into the match. Great moves, super counters, both smaller muscle boys are great wrestlers and know their stuff. Both know how to finish and go for it. Both want to go home winners – but only one can.

This is the kind of match that makes Movimus ‘THE BEST WRESTLING ON THE WEB’.

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