Caleb Fairchild vs. Marc Matthews

Total Running Time: 19:32
File Size: 236.1MB

Marc Matthews                 5' 9"             146lbs              38yo
Cal Fairchild                     5' 9"              154lbs              23yo

Marc (blue speedos) flew into NYC and challenged Cal (red speedos) to a match. Marc has been a long time friend of Movimus and when he first saw Cal wrestle Tommy Perris he wanted the match. Marc is the more experienced submission wrestler, strong, quick and knows his holds. Cal has been working out hard (he's a personal trainer) and working to put on some weight in muscle (he's put on about 9 lbs since his last Movimus match).

Marc gains control and brings Cal to the mat but Cal easily powers out and get the upper hand. Some real fast moves highlight this first match, both wrestlers working hard to get a tight leg hold. Marc throws in a real tight head lock, but not for long. Cal uses all his weight and leverage to slid out of the side head lock long before Marc has enough time to do any damage. They roll and evenly exchange holds before Cal gets a real tight body scissors on Marc that has Marc moaning and hurting. Finally, Marc submits with a fierce intention to get the younger wrestler in the next match.

There are two more awesome submissions ñ great wrestling and a really excellent match to watch. These two tough lightweights wrestle as rough as any Movimus wrestler. They both want to win and they both refuse to submit. It's total submission wrestling ability that gets the submission ñ and a lot of muscle. Good full nelsons, cross faces, a great figure four body scissors and many other super holds. Hopefully, you'll see a lot more of both these wrestlers on Movimus.


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