Dean Bly vs. John Watson

Total Running Time: 22:53
File Size: SD 279.2/ HD 1.32GB

Dean Bly 6’1” 187 18yo
John Watson 6’3” 182 25yo

John (purple speedos) wrote to Movimus asking for a match when he came to NYC. John is from Manchester, Great Britain. When we asked John if he wanted to take on Dean Bly (black speedos) he jumped at the opportunity. The match was set. Dean was initially intimidated by the huge arms and impressive length of John. John had watched Dean wrestle Jax Holland ! They were ready.

"The realness and spontaneity are, at times, emotionally overwhelming. I find myself moved and enthralled by contests like this."

Ringside at Skull Island

The lockup was a test of strength. John got the headlock at the same time Dean got the body scissors. Raw strength. Pushing and squeezing. John reverses to a front face lock – Dean pushes out and they are back on their feet. Again a take down and again a head lock . Dean is having trouble with John’s upper body power. John has Dean across his back in a head lock and Dean is in trouble.

The give and take goes on. Great moves. Dean shows him just how much wrestling ability he’s got and John uses sheer muscle to power out and get control. A wicked body scissors has John kicking, screaming and taping. A choke right across the Adams Apple while standing has Dean taping. But there is definitely a winner and a loser. Two evenly matched, experienced wrestlers going at it full force. Great stuff! You’ll watch these two wrestlers many times.

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