Alex Reid vs. Greg Ramsey

Total Running Time: 21:08
File Size: SD 258.5MB/ HD 1.3GB

                  Alex Reid                 6’1”                  181                18yo
                  Greg Ramsey          5’7”                  141                 21yo

Greg (black speedos) challenged Alex (red speedos). Greg knew he could handle the big guy and Alex thought he was going to have an easy time with a shorter guy 40 pounds lighter. But Alex underestimated Greg, as everyone does. Greg is awesome. His skill level is as high as any Movimus Wrestler. He just won’t lose – and he sure doesn’t here. Alex is completely out matched and submits three times. Alex is amazed at what a great wrestler Greg is.

Alex is strong, in great shape and loves to wrestle. He’s been working out with dorm buddies. “I wrestle guys over 200 pounds in the dorm and toss them around. Why can’t I handle this little guy” – he laments. He isn’t frustrated, rather he develops quite a respect for Greg.

Greg loves the arm bar and he catches Alex in it early in the match. His legs are incredibly strong for 140 pounds, and Alex finds that out in a head scissors. Alex gives a good showing of himself, at times twisting and squeezing Greg, but Greg uses his skill to escape.

There is some really great wrestling here. These two guys had fun. Greg is practicing for a match against Max Anderson. He wants a few more “big guys” first.

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