Adam Reis vs. Donnie "Brax" Braxton: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 22:17
File Size: SD 269.2MB/ HD 1.28GB

Adam Reis 5'9" 154 22yo
Donnie "Brax" Braxton 5'11" 169 23yo

THE REMATCH! It took 2 years , but here it is. Adam (blue/greed speedos) has been asking for this rematch and he got it – one week before his college graduation. These two guys are friends, but neither will give anything to the other. They both are trained, former HS wrestlers, both ranked in their states and both tough, aggressive grapplers. Brax (blue speedos) won the first match two-one. Adam is not about to let that happen again.

The lean Adam is more ripped than ever. Brax is more solid and stronger. This is as even a match-up as we can get at Movimus Wrestling. Half-nelson by Adam, arm twist behind the back by Brax. Head scissors by Brax, reversal and ankle lock by Adam. Front face lock by Adam, slam and full nelson by Brax. And so it goes , back and forth for 25 minutes before one, final, finishing hold. You're gonna have to watch the match to find out the winner. It's awesome.

Both wrestlers are already asking for a rematch. This is one that we well gladly let them do. We've done very few rematches at Movimus, and even fewer re-rematches, but here is the exception totally. When you see two in-shape, muscular, trained wrestlers take it to the mat this hard, this aggressive, with this kind of a vengeance, you want to keep it going. That is what Movimus Wrestling is all about.  I'd love to get these guys to be tag team partners.

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