Marcelo Mattar vs. Nick Fabrizio

Total Running Time: 24.55
File Size: HD 1.46GB/ 4K 5.3GB

Marcelo Mattar 5'11" 230 31yo
Nick Fabrizio 5'7" 190 31yo

Itís extremely rare to find an avid bodybuilder who is also a "real" wrestler. You will see the best of both in this match. Nick (yellow speedos), a native New Yorker, is a former cover model and escort, and a present body builder and all around nice guy. Marcelo (blue speedos), originally from Brazil now living in NYC, is still a cover model, escort, and body builder. When you look at these guys there can be no doubt about the massive weights that both must be used to. They asked us if they could wear shorts in the match, but we suggested they wear speedos underneath. AS ALWAYS,we were correct. It wasn't long before the shorts were ripped off.

These two power-houses were out to have some fun. They started by throwing each other around, playing, laughing, and just having a good time. That didn't last too long. Just about the time the shorts got pulled off, the smiles went away. The match turned real serious. One can only imagine the power used in this match. Each was able to throw the other all over the mat, and did. Marcelo's huge pythons (legs and arms) really had Nick squeezed a few times. Nick's vascular body was being stretched and strained and the camera caught every second of it.

Fists were aimed at the abs of both, but to no avail. Too much muscle there. At one point, Marcelo tried a series of head butts out of frustration, but Nick took it like a trooper and gave back plenty more of his own.

At the end of the match, both "muscle-hunks" just lay still on the mat. Then Marcelo started to show off (and man has he got a lot to show off ). Nick lay still taking it all in until he jumped up and tried getting a full nelson on Marcelo. No way! Marcelo's pecs are humongous . He just turned Nick around and put him in a full bear hug - totally awesome sight.

You like muscle-hunks who really know how to wrestle, bodybuilders with great stamina, a fight to submission - - it's all here.

Note: This Movimus Wrestliing match has been remastered from the original Hi8 tape and AI-Enhanced to HD. 

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