Brock Hammer vs. Marco Talus

Total Running Time: 30:58
File Size: HD 1.73GB/ 4K 6.2GB

Brock Hammer                       6’2            211 lbs         21yo
Marco Talus                            6’1”          173 lbs         25yo

Marco (orange speedos ) has been asking for a match against Brock (striped speedos ). Marco lost some weight, but definitely didn’t lose any of his power. Brock is just awesome. He hates to lose and will do just about anything to win a match. He’s been wrestling a lot, taking on many of the Movimus challengers, even privately. Marco is still one of the strongest wrestlers at Movimus and nobody hates to lose more than Marco.

Brock takes Marco down and begins working him over. Marco quickly reverses and tries using his super powerful legs. But Brock is a big guy. He can take a lot and give more. Marco gets his legs ripped apart and Brock is again in control. Brock stays on top and almost smothers Marco. Brock cradles Marco. Marco just powers out . Impressive ! Brock tries lots of basic moves – Marco uses his awesome power to escape and reverse. Wow!

When Brock gets the first tap out , Marco gets pissed and comes back in match 2 with a vengeance. Brock is ready for him, but Marco won’t be intimidated. So it goes for 25 minutes of real, submission wrestling. Two of Movimus’s best go toe-to-toe and only one comes out on top. This is one of those matches that you are glad you’re only watching and not in the middle of. LOL!

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