Barrett Storm vs. Ron Wilson

Total Running Time: 26:54
File Size: HD 1.57GB/ 4K 5.7GB

Barrett Storm               6’3”         195 lbs           24yo
Ron Wilson                  5’9”         177 lbs           22yo

Ron (striped speedos) challenges the 6’3” Texan football player. Barrett (black/red speedos) figures he’s going to have an easy time against this Cali wrestler since he’s got a 20 pound weight advantage. But Ron is a trained, experienced wrestler and loves to brawl. Barrett is in for a tough match and doesn’t know it.

Ron takes down Barrett and uses skill and balance to keep the big guy on the mat, but Ron just can’t seem to find the right move to get the submission. It’s a real brawl and Barrett fights back, effectively countering Ron at every junction. Ron gets totally frustrated (and tired too, we think) and goes to a nasty choke that has Barrett squealing and coughing.

Barrett is just more determined to get the muscle boy and beat him good – but Ron is not about to let that happen. Ron throws in a vicious head scissors, but Barrett just laughs and wrestles free. But the second head scissors, Barrett is not laughing. Check out the vice muscle thighs on Ron. That’s got to hurt. Ron tries everything to get Barrett to tap, but, except for the all out choke hold, it’s not going to happen. Ron is sweaty, frustrated, hot and angry - IT’S GREAT! He’s already challenged Barrett to a rematch promising a decisive victory.

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