Updating our website

July 01, 2016

Updating our website

Over the next week or so, we will be making some subtle changes to our MovimusWrestling.com's look. Our current web design has served us well since we launched back in November 2014. With the proliferation of mobile devices etc. we will be making some tweaks to our existing design so that our website will offer the best experience regardless of your device- PC, tablet, smartphone etc. 

In addition, we are adopting a new colour scheme, a darker look, which we feel makes our site visually more eye-popping. 

Another improvement we are working on is to allow the video downloads from within our website versus waiting for the download email to arrive. This feature will be available for PC and Mac users initially. We are still working on a solution for mobile device users, especially for iOS. 

We are very excited with the improvements and hope to provide a even better experience after the update.