We are 3

November 25, 2015

Movimus Wrestling is 3 Years old!

Thanksgiving always means a lot to us. It was on November 22 2012, on Thanksgiving Day, that we launched Movimus Wrestling with a small selection of matches. We have not even began downloads yet. We started off with a Pay-Per-View streaming service, which offered our customers the ability to stream any match they like off our website. However, we learnt in time, the majority of our customers prefer to download, and watch Movimus Wrestling matches on the screen of their choice. 

November has been a challenging month for us. We experienced a fire, which damaged some of the equipment we use to film and edit the matches on. Above that, the hard drive that stored our matches, including 3 unreleased matches were affected by the fire. We are still in the process of determining if we can recover the data. Nonetheless, we are thankful that nobody was hurt and we are able to replace some of the equipment fairly quickly. Hence, the silence this past month. We have been focused on recovery. Last weekend, we finally got some of your favourite wrestlers back to help us film new wrestling matches post-fire and we cannot wait to release them. We have also taken steps to make sure we have an off-site backup system in place. 


We are thankful for the continual support of our customers and fans, who motivate us to keep producing authentic, absolutely no-holds-barred submission wrestling matches. We appreciate that you have been with us as we grow and evolve in our journey as a small business, and we also want to acknowledge the wrestlers who have made Movimus Wrestling known for. 

To all our customers, fans, and supporters, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.