Moving Forward

July 23, 2015

We want to share a little update on the situation with YouTube. We have reached out using their form 5 times, and each time, we only received an automated response, and to date, have not heard back from anyone from Google/YouTube. It is unfortunate. However, the show must go on, and we have started repopulating our website previews. It may take a while, and we ask for your patience. 

The biggest drawback so far is that we are unable to showcase the preview in 4K like YouTube does. We hope the feature will be enabled in the near future. We are slowly adding more and more titles in 4K downloads, and we hope for customers out there with 4K televisions will take advantage of this ultra high-definition content. 

We appreciate your support and patience and we look forward to producing more authentic submission wrestling matches in the years to come.