Longest Matches

April 09, 2015

Given the amount of exertion wrestling involves, a good wrestler will last about 20 minutes with a short break in-between. However, at Movimus, we know some of our wrestlers have the stamina to go beyond. We've put together a list of matches that exceeded over 30 minutes. These matches showcase our wrestlers' stamina and strategy to wear out the opponent until whoever taps out. 

Max Anderson vs. Mikey Hanlon World Series Match


With a total running time of 1 hour and 1 minute, this match has got to be the longest we have on the record. Joe over at Ringside at Skull Island described the match aptly. "To get the full effect of a match like this, you need to stick with it, soak in it, let it seep into your skin. You must savor it. The longer and more carefully you watch it, the more likely the huffing and puffing, the smack of skin on skin, and the sweat-lubricated clenches will give you that happy, squirmy feeling down there."

Max Anderson vs. Connor Flynn


The very first World Series match. The idea came about as a solution to figuring out who is the better wrestler. Max and Connor had wrestled 3 matches already prior to this and both wanted an answer. This match features real test of strength and stamina. 

Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs. Tommy "Ruk" Rukker


At over 40 minutes, this is third match between these 2 wrestlers. Both guys are determined that this match will be the determining factor to end the competition. Since both are relative similar in experience and skill, it was hard to figure out at first. However, one wrestler eventually dominated and took control of the other. 

Case "CT" Thornton vs. Jolt Jenkins World Series Match


Running at almost 38 minutes, this match 3rd rematch between Jolt Jenkins and Case "CT" Thornton is a showdown to end their feud. Both wrestlers are aggressive and determine to win. 

Aron Stokes vs. Mikey Hanlon


We know how good Mikey Hanlon is and Aron Stokes is proving himself over the past year since he joined us at Movimus. With Aron's winning streak, it is no wonder he wants to try his luck and see if he can beat one of the most popular wrestlers in Movimus history. The result? An intense match that grinds slowly and building up the momentum to the grand finale. 

Jolt Jenkins vs. Darren Miller


New World meets the Old. Darren Miller is from the UK and when he came to NYC and wanted to wrestle Jolt Jenkins specifically. Both wrestlers have almost similar physique, Jolt is definitely has the advantage of mass and muscles. Darren while lacking what Jolt has makes up in wrestling skills and experience. Over 30 minutes of mat action with intense cardio, super counters and lots of power. 

Richie Towler vs. Jolt Jenkins


Richie Towler has got to be one of our tiniest wrestlers on roster but don't let the size fool you. He is one solid muscular guy. Despite limited wrestling experience, he is master at Jujitsu. Initially he was intimidated by Jolt Jenkins' size. However once he got Jolt in a headlock, Richie proves that size is not everything. Every time Jolt tries to gain control, Richie countermoves with a reverse and keeps Jolt on the mat. 

Jared Stone vs. Gary Wayne


Jared takes Gary to the mat right off and doesn't let him escape. Jared talks trash all during the match, even when he is forced to tap out. Gary stays quiet, but works hard to come out on top. Jared keeps Gary on the mat for the first 12 minutes just sitting on him and countering every reversal Gary tries.

Connor Flynn vs. Dave Markus


Dave Markus completely loses his cool in this intensely long match that at one point Connor Flynn got to warn him to chill. Dave was definitely in a foul mood in this match from the beginning, and seems to be aching for a fight. Connor, while determined to win, was not going to put up with any nonsense from Dave. The result, is a wrestling match that stretches over 30 minutes. It could have gone on longer were it not for the fact that we were afraid someone is going to hurt real bad. 

Jeremy Winslow vs. Rusty Rabell


These two guys wrestle rough and hard, both doing everything to get the other down and taping out. But this turns out to be very one-sided. The score doesn’t do these guys justice – it is a real war.