Update on PayPal

December 24, 2015

So after emailing a few times to PayPal to appeal, Paul and Derek from their Brand Risk Management responded with the same email response. 

We are sorely disappointed that PayPal would consider Movimus Wrestling content to be sexually oriented and worse, obscene. While we do admit that we have some of the hottest wrestlers around strutting in some of the sexiest gear a man can decently wear, we do not think any content we have borders on the obscene. We do feel that PayPal's decision is homophobic and unjust. Would they reverse their decision if we have two men covered in burkas wrestling around instead?

As a small business, we feel bullied and we are angry at PayPal for the homophobic bullying. After years of fruitful partnership has without problems, to suddenly decide that Movimus Wrestling content is sexual and obscene, is certainly questionable. 

Many of our customers have PayPal accounts and we do apologise for the inconvenience. However, despite our best efforts, we were unable dissuade them otherwise. We are exploring other payment options beside credit cards in the mean time, and we do really appreciate your support. 

We need more help with our survey, and would really need to build our case up to demonstrate that PayPal's decision is unjust and homophobic.


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