Email from a customer & fan

December 08, 2014

A few days ago, we received this wonderful email from a customer and fan, Mikey, which really validates all the hard work we do. We truly appreciate the time customers and fans have taken to email us. Mikey has given us permission to reproduce the email below. 

"I just wanted to say thanks, congratulations, and keep up the great work!

Thanks for the excellent matches.  The new talent.  The old talent.  The new website (never been easier to browse or download a match).  Thanks, mostly though, for your ongoing commitment to this kind of wrestling.  I like others promotions, too, but yours is the only one with such good, real (and well shot) submission wrestling.

Congratulations on your second anniversary!  And the upgrades in technology.  Your videos have never looked better, an are crisp, clean and professional.

Lastly, keep it up!  I have been so pleased with so many of the Movimus-era matches.  I am excited for whatever you have planned in the future.  While I would always encourage more Max, Brock and MikeyHanlon, truth be told I have liked the new guys so much that I know I'll enjoy fights between anyone you put together."


Positive feedback is a wonderful thing. Keep them coming :)