Thank you!

December 05, 2014

We know change can be frightening. Hence we do have our concerns when migrating over to our new website. We had thought about this for a while and spent a couple of weeks exploring different e-commerce options that would best serve our customers and fans. In the end, we are glad that we took the leap of faith to move to something better and new. 

We are still working on improving our website with more features in the weeks to come. 

So far in 2014, we have accomplished the following, and we could not have met them without your support. We truly thank all of you. 

  • Filmed 31 new wrestling matches. Our goal was 30, and to have exceeded by 1 is a bonus. 
  • Transitioned to 4K. We are still releasing matches in HD, but by filming now in 4K resolution, we hope in the near future to release in UHD format so that our fans and customers can really enjoy the level of detail. 
  • New website. As mentioned earlier, we are so glad that we finally got a shopping cart that enables our customers to do multiple purchases. 
  • New wrestlers. In 2014, we have 8 new wrestlers joining our roster. They include new fan favourites like Dave Markus, Aron Stokes and Casey Callaghan, as well as the beefy Damien Rush

Overall, 2014 was a year of tremendous growth and we could not have done it all without your support, to which we are grateful.