Welcome to our new store

October 22, 2014

Over the last 2 years, we've grown tremendously since we kicked off MovimusWrestling.com on Thanksgiving day 2012. With our very first match featuring Travis Carter vs. Jeff Jordan. After 2 years, we are working to provide the best download experience for our customers. After 6 months of offering pay-per-view solutions, we listened to our customers who overwhelmingly told us that you prefer to own the wrestling matches. Hence, we started offering matches for our customers to download to own. 


Since we switched to filming in 4K resolution a couple months ago, the response has been overwhelming, so much so that it caused our website to experience technical glitches. We appreciate your support and patience, and we also realised that we need to upgrade and improve our website's infrastructure. 


Stay tuned as we migrate the content over and we aim to bring some of the missing wrestling matches up online at the new site.