SD, HD or 4K

March 16, 2016

SD, HD or 4K

We keep seeing the prices of 4K television sets dropping in the recent months. However, there is still a limit on content availability, and we are one of the few companies out there who is evangelising and making 4K resolution the new standard. Part of the reason is because the resolution you get from 4K is pure cinema. We have been editing and viewing our matches in 4K and they look pretty amazing. 

Theoretically, 4K plays up the whole hype about bigger is better. Frankly, in this case, what 4K offers is detail like never before. For comparison, we have taken a screen shot from one of our matches, and compare it side by side. Click on the image below to see its actual size and compare the resolutions side by side. 

Movimus Wrestling Ultra HD/4K comparison.

 As you can see the SD image is the blurriest of the batch. In old television sets, they work just fine. However with the 4:3 aspect ration, you do get some content on the left and right cropped off. 

HD provides a vast improvement over SD, and it is the standard of televisions. The image quality is a vast improvement over SD, and with a 16:9 aspect ratio, it has become more cinematic. Allowing for panoramas and more closer to our natural visual field. 

Ultra HD or 4K ups the detail by quadrupling the image size, bringing us closer than ever to cinematic content. With more details, more information can be captured and seen. If you look at the image above, compare the stitching on Julio's bikini trunks, in the SD, it is one blurry line. Compare it to HD version than 4K version. In the 4K version, you will see noticeably the zig-zagged stitching. Little details. 

Hope this little comparison will give you an idea on why we have decided to film in 4K since 2014 and since then, we are the only independent submission wrestling company to offer download in this ultra high resolution. Enjoy!