Duke Russo vs. James Bianchi

Total Running Time: 16:29
File Size: HD 1.25GB/ 4K 1.87GB

Duke Russo 5'9" 179 LBS
James Bianchi 6' 185 LBS

This match is definitely a must see for fans of beefy wrestlers. James joins Movimus Wrestling after hearing much about us, and on the day of the shoot, the guy closest to his physique was Duke. As you can see, James definitely has the body and the weight to toss Duke around, but Duke knows his way around the mat, and in time, we see him wrapping his thighs around James like a python. 

This match was filmed in 2016 but was never released due to technical issues.  However, we have been receiving requests from several customers for matches by Duke, and we decided to release this match as a limited presentation. We are making this match available for download for a limited time during this holiday period. In the future, will only be available as an NFT.

The technical issues experienced in this match included the primary camera being off-focused at certain points, and we ended switching cameras mid-way. We do apologize for the technical quality but we do think Duke has put on a tremendous effort in his wrestling against James. 


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