Jeff Jordan vs. Marco Talus

Total Running Time: 27:17
File Size: 1.23GB

Marco Talus 6’ 168 25yo
Jeff Jordan 5’9” 162lbs. 19yo

Jeff (green speedos) asked for the match against Marco (yellow speedos). Marco is very, very strong and his wrestling skills are constantly improving. Jeff is cocky and knows he’s a good wrestler and loves to win. We told Jeff that Marco was going to be a real challenge, but the cocky teen was totally convinced that he could beat the tough Marco. Well, Marco when right to work on Jeff using his obviously superior power. He takes Jeff to the mat right off and begins a series of devastating moves and tight holds. Jeff is really struggling to keep from getting in a move or hold that would force him to tap out, but that doesn’t last long. Jeff is completely overpowered and eventually is forced to tap out.

Neither makes it easy, and the long struggle builds their respect for each other. It's a damn good match for the first half, but the last half is what knocked my nuts off."

Ringside at Skull Island

The second match is more of the same and Jeff is again getting pummeled. Jeff tries using his really strong legs, but Marco just pushes is way out and continues to work Jeff over. Move great moves, very tight holds, powerful locks that Jeff just can’t seem to escape from. Jeff taps again.

Now Jeff is pissed and determined not to lose any more. He controls Marco’s arms and keeps him from using his massive power. He gets a good ankle lock that has Marco using all his skill and power to escape. Jeff moves right to his awesome headlock and keeps Marco down and struggling to reverse. Marco begins to realize that he just can’t “laugh” at this tough teen, as he was doing in the first two matches. Jeff really shows what he’s got as he continues to dominate and control Marco. Jeff’s superior wrestling ability is obvious as he controls and dominates Marco. Marco finally gets caught in the “finisher” and he taps out.

The fourth match is just totally incredible. Neither wrestler will give an inch. They both have learned respect for each other – the hard way. They both wrestle cautiously, yet both are doing everything possible to get a win. It’s really fierce and tough. This is all out – submission wrestling – at it’s best. The really good looking teen shows just what he’s got and what he can take. The super strong Brazilian, Marco, just keeps escaping and reversing, just to get caught in another tight hold that he has to work really hard to escape from. These two wrestlers don’t hold back at all. They both want the win badly and they both work for it.

This is one of the all-time great Movimus matches. Jeff shows all the Movimus wrestlers that he is a “teen” to be reckoned with – no push over. If you want to beat Jeff Jordan, you’re going to have to work really hard for it. Marco relies on his power and intensity, but it’s just not enough to handle this really tough teen. You’ll watch this match over and over again.


Wrestlers: Jeff Jordan, Marco Talus

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