Jeff Jordan vs. Tommy "Ruk" Rukker

Total Running Time: 20:10
File Size: 1.01GB

Tommy “Ruk” Rukker 5’7” 158lbs 22yo
Jeff Jordan 5’9” 162lbs. 19yo

Ruk (red speedos) challenged Jeff (blue speedos) on Facebook. Both wrestlers wanted this match. Ruk has a great wrestling background as a high school wrestler. Jeff has great professional wrestling skills. Both college guys agreed to a match in NYC. Cocky and arrogant Jeff started the verbal abuse as soon as they got to the studio. Ruk, mild mannered and laid back, just took the tongue lashing and quietly told us that he would “destroy this kid”. Both these wrestlers were confident of the victory. Both eagerly accepted the challenge.

Ruk takes Jeff to the mat right away but Jeff easily struggles to reverse and does. Jeff maintains control but Ruk counters every move that Jeff tries to apply. Jeff stays on top and keeps using his powerful arms to work-over Ruk. Finally, Ruk reverses and gets a “school-boy pin” on Jeff. Jeff uses his really strong legs to reverse again, Ruk reverses, Jeff reverses – and so it goes. Ruk uses a great body scissors. Jeff just laughs and escapes. Jeff flexes his big biceps with a headlock on Ruk but Ruk escapes and reverses. It’s give and take, back and forth for twenty minutes with no submission. It’s almost like each wrestler knows all the moves of the other and can easily defend or escape. Both wrestlers try their best moves and holds. They work from on top and behind – both of them – but they keep reversing and locking on each other.

Just one submission, at the very end of the match. Both guys admitted that they thought this was going to be a draw, but one wrestler finally got the best move, the tightest hold, and wouldn’t let the other guy escape. Just really great action – total action for twenty minutes. This is our best kind of submission match – just one win at the very end of the match.

Already, they are planning to meet again in NYC this summer for a re-match. They both want a “world series match” -- 4 out of 7. That may be wrestling for an entire afternoon. We’ll be ready for it, and you can bet, both these tough college guys will be coming to NYC to beat the other. No lost love between these two tough guys. They both want to win and neither is going to quit without a real struggle. We’re definitely looking forward to this rematch.


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