Max Anderson vs. Jeff Jordan

Total Running Time: 23:35
File Size: 827.7MB

Jeff Jordan 5’9” 168lbs 19yo
Max Anderson 6’ 188lbs. 29yo

All of us at Movimus have been extremely impressed with Jeff (brown speedos) for the last few months. He is undefeated and looking for a “real” challenge. Who else to give this teen a good working over but Max (blue speedos). Max started wrestling for us when he was 19 years old – yup – it’s been ten years of awesome Max Anderson matches. So we thought we’d give our new 19 year old tough guy a shot at the “legend”.

Jeff was ready and confident. (He’s got that cocky attitude that Max never had – LOL.) They both have skill but Max has size, power, and experience. Jeff has speed and agility and loves to dominate and win. So they lock up hard and Max takes Jeff to the mat. It’s a struggle but Max controls, cranks on the pressure – uses some of his favorite moves and technique - and get’s Jeff to tap ! Max is more defined and powerful than he has been in a long time. In fact, Max says he’s stronger now than he has ever been. He takes Jeff to the mat a second time – stays on top in control, works over the teen and again gets the tap out with a wicked head scissors.

Now Jeff is pissed. “He’s not going to beat me again” he tells us so Max can’t hear him. So he comes out for the third fall with his cocky attitude, powerful arms and legs, and total determination. He takes Max to the mat and begins working him over. Lots of pressure moves, good head locks and he knows how to use his 168 pounds best to his advantage. Max struggles. Jeff keeps control ----- Max Taps Out ! ! !


That’s three falls and these guys are ready to continue. There’s two more falls and a decisive winner. Great wrestling, super muscle definition and power. Outstanding moves and holds. This Is Great ! ! Max got more than he bargained for! Jeff learned to respect size and experience! Excellent lessons. This is one of those matches that you don’t want to miss.

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