Jeff Jordan vs. Richie Towler

Total Running Time: 22:47
File Size: 1.1GB

Jeff Jordan 5’8” 165 19yo
Richie Towler 5’5” 155lbs. 21yo

Richie (blue speedos) watched the re-match between Jeff (green speedos) and Travis Carter. Richie immediately asked for a match against Jeff. We warned Richie that Jeff is really strong and has one of the best headlocks we’ve ever seen. Most of Jeff’s opponents tapped out in this headlock. But Richie was confident that Jeff would not be able to take his head scissors. Richie is one very, very strong bodybuilder and his wrestling skills are getting better and better all the time. This two guys are evenly matched. Both want to win and they both will stop at nothing to get a win.

Richie starts the match real strong, but Jeff gets him to the mat and goes for the headlock. Rickie defends at first, but Jeff stays at it and eventually has a real tight head lock on the muscle boy and it’s slowly but surely “tap-out” time. Being down one match is not where Richie wants to be. So he wrestles with lighting speed. This time, when Jeff goes for the headlock Richie is ready. He pushes on Jeff’s chin, gets his head and neck extended and executes a nasty head scissors. Jeff is in a lot of trouble and struggles with everything he has to escape. This is great to watch. Jeff is one really powerful 19 year old : Strong, great endurance, and attitude “plus”. He wrestles hard and tough and simply won’t quit. Richie is just as strong and determined – the best kind of match.

These guys wrestle for 25 minutes of total action. Jeff struggles often against the awesome power of Richie. The speed that Richie wrestles with is a real obstacle for Jeff to overcome – but he does and most effectively. Richie gets more and more frustrated, more and more powerful as he strains and struggles to over power the cocky teen.

A definitely winner and an angry loser. This encounter is not over. Both wrestlers are ready and begging for a rematch. They both want to settle this. Both wrestlers want a World Series Match – 4-out-of-7. It’s going to happen. These guys are great to watch, and super fun to wrestle too.

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