Rusty Rabell vs. Jeff Jordan

Rusty Rabell vs. Jeff Jordan

Total Running Time: 23:21
File Size: 924.4MB

Jeff Jordan 5’8” 165 19yo
Rusty Rabell 5’11” 163 28yo.

Rusty (black speedos) had been asking for a match against Jeff(navy blue speedos) since he first saw Jeff wrestle Travis Carter. Jeff is one awesome wrestler – loves a good match – never turns down a challenge. He’s ready for Rusty. Rusty starts out aggressive and tough, brings Jeff to the mat and starts working over the teen. Jeff hangs in there looking for an opening and using his powerful arms and chest to keep Rusty from getting any good, submission holds. He reverses, gets reversed, and reverses again. Rusty is tough and he’s a real good submission wrestler. He works hard and fast, looking for a good opening, especially one where he can use his powerful legs. Jeff doesn’t give it to him.


There is lots of mat action, although neither wrestler can get a really good, tight, submission move on the other for a long time. Finally fatigue starts getting both wrestlers and each guy monopolizes on the mistake of the other. This is a fast and furious match. Multiple submissions by Rusty. Multiple submissions by Jeff. Both wrestlers get exhausted but continue , digging deep for that last ounce of power that will make the other guy tap out. Great to watch these two skilled wrestlers take each other apart. A wide variety of holds by both guys, but once again, Jeff’s headlock is always a finisher. Rusty tries hard to use his legs, but Jeff know how to stay away from the powerful moves of Rusty. Jeff moves in and goes for that wicked headlock all the time. He just wraps those long, strong arms around Rusty’s head and brings him to the mat. Jeff uses all 165 pounds to put pressure on Rusty’s head and neck. Rusty is in deep trouble several times.


This match is so even, both wrestlers wanted a rematch the very next day. Jeff was on his way back to Texas, so it didn’t happen, but it will. We promise – you’re going to see a vicious rematch between these two great wrestlers.

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