Jeff Jordan vs. Travis Carter

Total Running Time: 20:23
File Size: 903.3MB

Travis Carter 5’8” 180lbs. 20yo
Jeff Jordan 5’8” 165lbs. 19yo

Travis (black speedos) came to New York form Oklahoma for a couple good matches. It was his first trip to the “big apple” and he was totally psyched to visit, sight-see, wrestle and win. A strong, well built athlete, Travis has an “all win” attitude and wasn’t about to go home a loser. Jeff (blue speedos) was also visiting New York for the first time from Texas. He’s strong, a wrestler – submission and pro – and has a totally “cocky” attitude. This is one awesome combination.

Travis uses his power to push Jeff away and keep him struggling to get control. Travis is able to push Jeff around the mat, use his powerful arms for control and keep Jeff struggling to get the upper hand. Jeff paces himself and waits for the ideal opportunity. When Jeff gets on top and puts a tight head and arm lock on Travis, Travis just pushes on Jeff’s head and chin and turns him onto his back. Jeff begins to see how strong Travis really is. Travis gets behind Jeff and starts to work him over with the rear headlock, body scissors – looking for a choke. But Jeff is just too good and much too strong. He struggles, escapes and reverses.

Jeff proves that he is one very tough guy. He reverses Travis over and over and just won’t give Travis any hold that allows Travis to use his power to get Jeff to tap-out. Jeff controls with his big arms and tries to get the submission with his legs. So this match goes back-and-forth, each guy totally struggling to control and dominate – neither one really succeeding.

A great head scissors by Travis has Jeff in a lot of trouble, but Jeff escapes. Really powerful head locks by Jeff have Travis in a lot of trouble – looking to use all his power to turn over the teen wrestler. This is one really great match – you’ll watch these two wrestlers over and over again. It’s a two-out-of-three fall win for the victor and the rematch is already set up.

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