February 2018

February 01, 2018

February 2018

After receiving numerous feedback from our customers and fans, we have decided to resume our Free Match of the Month starting this February. We really appreciate that you enjoy the free matches from our archives, and we hope you will like this one featuring Marc Matthews versus Jake Benton.  


Update 02/04/2018: Movimus Wrestling makes these matches free for our customers and fans to enjoy each month as a token of our appreciation. Once the month is over, we do reserve the right to change the match and not make it free any more. Recently a customer was unhappy that we did not acquiesce to his request to make specific past free matches from past months available to him.  

We would like to clarify that the Free Match of the Month is only Free for that Month. Once the month is over, it becomes a paid download again. 

In light of the situation, we  have decided to discontinue the free match of the month, as it creates confusion for some customers. 

We will work towards creating a better way of providing complimentary matches in the future. Please enjoy this month's free match and we are sorry that we are unable to continue this moving forward. :(