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Added by on September 5, 2013

Liam O’Conner 5’9″ 165 34yo
Joey Vincent 5’11” 195 31yo

NHB newcomer, Liam (brown shorts) from Chicago, is certainly not new to submission wrestling. Liam is a skilled submission wrestler and has even been know to train other guys in submission wrestling. He challenged his very muscular friend, Joey (blue shorts), to a match on the beach in Southern California and NHB was lucky enough to get this great match on tape.

Liam is giving up 30 pounds but youíd never know it. He knows just how to wrestle a big guy ñ use the big guys weight against him. Joey has incredible legs. When he gets them around Liam and squeezes, you can just feel the pain. Liam likes the triangular choke hold and Joey has no escape for that one. He uses his great power and big ìgunsî to break out a couple of times, but ultimately, Liam gets the submission.

But Joeyís legs combined with a great headlock, locked against his powerful pecs, is too much for Liam. This is a great match-up. It is awesome to watch Joey use that power and muscle in real, submission wrestling. Itís even more awesome to see the smaller Liam out power and out wrestle his bodybuilder friend.